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Butcher Block Jamaica was born out of a love for quality Grade A beef products. There is a myth in Jamaica that we do not have quality beef and we must go overseas to find it. Not so! The problem is not in the actual beef but in the processing that causes it to be tough and lacking in flavour. 

Experts in the process of dry-aging beef, Butcher Block works closely with local farmers to ensure the cattle are grass-fed, hormone free and well looked after. Taking it one step further, Butcher Block quickly identified other quality local meats, and began working with those suppliers as well, adding their products to the Butcher Block retail list.

Working with Local Farmers

Master Butcher, Gregory Burrowes speaks proudly of his work with Jamaica's local farmers. "Our cuts of meat come from an impressive union of farmers who have received instruction in sustainable livestock practices, animal welfare, and natural and beneficial operating procedures. The animals are grass-fed, hormone free and all hail from the cool hills of a cross-section of parishes throughout Jamaica. Butchers are taught and adhere to rigorous food safety guidelines and delivery practices, which ensure that from farm to kitchen, the meat you purchase is maintained at the highest possible standards."

The Process

The temperature-controlled meat warehouse displays rows of meat hung according to cut and variety. The meat is then aged naturally at controlled temperatures for 28 - 32 days. This process allows meat enzymes to break down muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavour. This technique is one of three North American standards used.